The Society of Friends


The Elders' Circle

Elders have the task of helping build a spiritual community in which all members find acceptance, loving care, and opportunities for service.

Friends worship is distinct because it is not led by one person but by all who take part. Our meetings don't have priests or ministers, and anyone can speak or minister. The elder needs to find ways to ensure that the meetings are thriving gatherings that nurture and inspire, while maintaining the commitment to equality.

Our goal is to provide the resources to serve our communities everywhere. We are providing a place for Friends to explore different points of view in a safe and loving community. To help deepen the spiritual life of our communities, we try to pair advice seekers with advice based on our group's experiences, not one Quaker experience, but that of many.

Our elders answer questions via this website. We are offering free guidance on a wide range of topics—love, relationships, family, self-improvement, and much more. We believe the presence of God exists in every person and in spiritual equality for men and women.

From the Society of Friends Elders' point of view:

The Society of Friends is based in Caroline County, Virginia, and we are an IRS-approved 501(c)3 nonprofit. We do need your support, but we will not ask you for any financial support. Our staff are all volunteers. We follow the Apostle Paul and perform outside work, not desiring to be a financial burden to our community.