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The Society of Friends has a long tradition of being active in and seeking to make a difference in the world in which we find ourselves. Quakers agree to a core set of values known as testimonies. Our actions seek to put these testimonies into practice. The acronym SPICES is commonly used by the Quaker community.

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Quaker believe in Keeping life simple, so we are free to live in harmony without the stress keeping up with the Jones. We make use of our existing rich offerings such as public libraries, museums, nature centers, and historical sites. We value the spirit over material objects. We celebrate acts of kindness and generosity. Quakers are concerned about excess and waste in our society. We believe that if we are always trying to get better things, we can forget to be good people.


Quakers are perhaps best known for our peace testimony. It comes from our belief that love is at the center of existence and that all human life is of equal worth. We believe that violence does not solve disagreements. These things only make people suffer. Quakers try to settle all their arguments without using weapons or words to hurt others. Quakers believe that world peace begins with each of us.


Integrity means being truthful and trying always to do a good job. It means saying what we mean and meaning what we say.


Quakers believe that it is important to be a good neighbor, helpful to people around us. Building community takes many forms, believing in each other, accepting each other faiths, and respect the idea that everyone has a piece of the truth.


Quakers believe everyone is created equal. This means everyone has the same human rights and should be treated fairly. It also means we should treat people the way we want to be treated. Which inspires us to try to change the systems that cause injustice and that stop us being genuine communities.


To live with simplicity and with integrity, we need to do a good job taking care of the things we own and use. This means taking good care of the earth. Quakers believe it is important to leave the world a better place. As Quakers gifts, like time, the earth, water, our homes, are responsibilities that we should share and all take care of.

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This website aims to bring together the many different resources available to help us understand our role in the universe and to make these resources accessible to everyone.

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