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This site is maintained and operated by the Society of Friends of Caroline County Virginia. Which is organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, and educational purposes. The Caroline Religious Society of Friends was established in 1739. Known as Quakers, the Caroline Friends were pioneers in the County's frontier wilderness and who were distinguished in the development of social and economic ideals significant to the county, state and nation.


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    Pioneers in asserting the right to religious freedom, the Caroline Friends (Quakers) held their first meeting nearby on 12 March 1739 together with their partner, Cedar Creek Friends Meeting of Hanover County. At a meeting on 9 May 1767, members issued a call to their fellow Quakers to end slaveholding, the first such movement in Virginia. The Friends' testimony against slavery contributed to declining membership as many immigrated west to free states. The Caroline Friends continued to use their meetinghouse and burying ground until 1853.

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